St. Pat´s Student Bar

There are many reasons why Valencia is one of the most sought after destinations in the world for students who wish to study internationally. The quality of life, wonderful climate conditions, amazing culture and the lively nightlife are among those factors that attract Erasmus students to Valencia.

Valencia is destination numero uno for many students who wish to study abroad and St Pat’s is the number one nesting spot for the international students within the city.

We are the main party spot mid-week – with everything from Language exchange meet-ups and Trivia every Monday night, Bingo mid week, and Beer Pong to finish up the week on a Thursday, we never fail to entertain! For a full list of our events and details, see here.

We also sponsor various teams in the city, of which we encourage students to join while studying here. This offers you an avenue to stay fit, make new friends and get to know the hidden gems within the city. Choose Valencia, it will be the best choice you have ever made!

Scholars Students Bar

Erasmus students in Valencia...

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